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The Dawn of the Kritayuga

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It happened on April 11, 2012, as a doublet of great earthquakes(8.6 MM and 8.2 MM separated a couple of hours apart),  7 and a half months after 26 August 2011 in the Andaman Sumatra Bay where the 26th December 9.3 MM great earthquake had occurred:
Analysing the trend of great earthquakes on the basis of data for 4 hydrological years 2008 to 2011, reveals that great earthquakes with a maximum value of 9 MM will occur in a hydrological year with 48 percent probability. See

See in
Ramaswami Kumar
Thanks CaptD.
Thats very useful information indeed. And a premonition of things to come soon, I believe, with 48% probability.

6th June 2011/Updated June 1, 2012.
Re June 1 2011 edit in the Hindu,
where the German exit from nuclear power by 2022 is the topic, the world must now cooperate so that exit from nuclear power is made immediately or in two years at most, on a survival or extinction basis.
Modern civilisation made by man is bringing quickly the present human epoch to its logical end- the passage to the age based on truth, Kritayuga, from the age based on falsehood-Kaliyuga. See N.S.Rajaram(2002).From the censorship by the media some important opinions expressed by readers are selectively bypassed so that what the Business-Political nexus wants prevails. The characteristic of modern civilisation is that it is violence on nature, not harmonising with her. In order to survive we must follow nature not violate her.It is absolutely necessary to note that techs like nukes are net consumers of energy, so it makes no sense to argue that some nations are industrialised more than others and we go ahead with EPRs(sic). When modern techs like nukes interface with nature, nature prevails. It is easy to see why, when one sees from the standpoint of a normal way of life: Modern civilisation is made up of enterprises which maximise profit(including defense) above well being of the planet. Which means, what in their wisdom,they cannot bear they externalise. When subsidies work, the tax payer bears the burden. When no amount of "money" can subsidise, like genes mutilated by internal radioactivity, which carry on for 500 generations or more as in the case of Chernobyl and now Fukushima, there will arise some who will powerfully prevail over the others who want nuclear, so powerfully truth prevails and Kritayuga ushers in. But probably with 4-5 billion lives lost in the process,in any case.
In a previous human epoch, Krishna taught:
There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this:
To see one changeless life in all the lives,
In the separate the one Inseparable.
This is the basis of the fact that nuclear power(or biotech) can never be made acceptably safe. There are an infinite number of unacceptable unsafe ways in which Fukushimas can occur(See Kurt Goedel also in this respect).
And see
Stop going nuclear now. Stand up to the right of all life that says we dare not be contaminated, least of all to countless generations. Modern civilisation's philosophy leads us to extinction. On the other hand,you can have a number of industries which can be worked by hand and hence practice return acceptable to Mother Earth. 60000 megawatts at least can be saved in India alone with such substitution. Whither nuclear which only gives negative energy?
But look at the face of corruption, thy name is modern civilization:
How can one measure the level of corruption when it comes to nuclear power programmes? Our PM has explained he will retire from public life(rather than spend time in jail!)if the allegations of corruption against him are proved! I say mister, if a nuclear power programme consumes five times the energy that it is postulated to deliver during its entire lifetime, is it not a scam with sam of the biggest magnitude for all time? And even if it is not, with the poisons that we(all life) will be contaminated forever with the programme,and our progeny also damaged, is it not nuclear terror at its best? Corruption corruption all the way, the file is corrupted throw it away, even if the file is life in the form of the PM(and all life), if true! We can never fall in love (again), because we are all corrupted, to the core!(Curd Jurgens, May Britt, The Blue Angel,1959).
And the thread may be longer: covert, invisible and amoral:
and this: 
Check out:

When you do not practice return, you will be destroyed.
Modern civilisation's business ethos is to maximise sales even by making the efficiency of use of final delivered goods and services negative. Glaring example is nukes. Normal way of life preserves all life in the enjoyment of life by practicing return. Weinberg who designed the Fukushima reactors realised it in 1972 that the central problem of nukes is waste. He was fired. See what has happened since. If you do not shut down all nukes now and cooperate so that we can all ensure the health of all life, it is the heralding of the end of this human epoch now and for a day of Brahma, there will be no life, perhaps and the cycle may repeat. Great earthquakes have happened together in the same year from 1994 in triplets. They all have occurred on the Pacific Ring of Fire because of the world's dams. After the March 11 2011 great 9 MM quake near Fukushima, another may occur there in the Pacific Rim between June 12 to August 26 this year. Are you prepared with EPRs and all else? In India, putting up 20000 MW of nukes by 2020 instead of saving 60000 MW is the biggest scam, ever.
Rajaram N.S. 2002. Nostradamus and beyond : visions of yuga-sandhi (New Delhi : Rupa)
Predicting Earthquakes
Energy Audit of the Indian Nuclear Programme
Tony Wilson on A M Weinberg
tony wilson
June 5, 2011 at 3:45 pm
Human Muscle Power the most enjoyable
Quine W.V.1981. Theories and Things. Belknap.London. Kurt Goedel.p143-147. Inference by me>You can never prove that nukes as designed and commissioned work acceptably safe.
A.V.Yablokov,V.B. Nesterenkov,A.V. Nesterenkov. 2009. Chernobyl. Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment. Annals. NYAS
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